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Defining Moments

This beach is an iconic surfing and photographic location. It is ideally located on the Gold, Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is also enjoyed by dog walkers who gather together and exchange life stories. 

The weather and surf conditions were superb. Having done my research regarding the weather, before leaving home, paid dividends. Clouds were scattered across the horizon, whilst a gentle breeze had no effect on the surface of the water.

I located my position that was suitable to shoot from, securing my tripod in the sand, I started shooting as first light was breaking across the horizon. This location is predictably unpredictable. It has fast moving currents, and if you are unaware of where they are, one could experience some difficulty.

Before the sunrise fully matured, the colour in the clouds was influenced by the intensity of the sunrise. The ocean was calm and soothing, clothed in a vivid blue.

During that photoshoot, I repositioned my tripod on several occasions and altered the focal length of my lens, absorbing the accuracy of the spectacular scene before me. The tide was ebbing, with an ease for a more relaxed photoshoot. It was with joy that I packed away my photographic equipment and made my way home.