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It is a moment that will remain with me for a long time.

Ponte Santa Trinita, Firenze (Florence), Italia (Italy).

This image was captured during my last evening in Florence. The city was pulsating with people. Summertime, long evenings, romantic moments.

I had decided, observing the weather, that it would be a good sunset. My instincts were accurate.

My photographic gear was ready, I put my camera bag on my back, carried my tripod and walked to Ponte Santa Trinita.

It was a route I had become familiar with, having frequented the pebbled roads and pavements that were narrow and an intricate network of ingenuity around the city, which I had come to love.

Passersby, enjoying sumptuous gelato, some on scooters almost pulverised by impressive potholes. Sweat beads forming, in steamy conditions, but I was overjoyed by the sensational sunset.

Earlier in the evening I stood on the other side of the Ponte Santa Trinita  and captured the sun setting on Ponte Vecchio, which was soaked in golden sunlight.

As the light faded from Ponte Vecchio, I crossed the bridge to capture the ‘heart’ of the sunset. The colours were like a beating heart, bleeding across the sky.

My camera was busy during this photoshoot. I reduced my tripod to its lowest point, whilst using appropriate filters for that time of the evening.

It is in these moments, that being a landscape photographer takes my purpose in photography, to another level.

Photographers alongside me were also appreciating the magnificent light.

Honestly, I had to ‘pull’ myself away as it was growing dark and I was returning to Australia the following day.

A long international flight. But well worth the experience. I will return!

thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Santa Trinita, Firenze (Florence), Italia (Itayl)