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Daringly Dramatic!

The wonderful thing about what I do, as a Landscape Photographer, is no sunrise or sunset is ever the same!

Besides that, I enjoy travelling and meeting with other people and exchanging life stories.

I stepped into the lake this particular morning whilst the water was raging against my legs. I love the pulse of the moment.

It takes tremendous energy and concentration to photograph in conditions such as this. But I thrive on it.

This location is where I really started to develop my photography under extreme weather conditions.

It lends itself to being treacherous at times due to the nature of the location.

When the weather conditions are that unpredictable, I honour my Creator and do not wander out aimlessly into the lake.

The lake has resembled an ocean at times due to the power of the ‘waves’.

I am fascinated by the tempestuous conditions and seek to capture nature in its raw energy.

My desire is to introduce the outdoors, indoors, just for you!

The rock in the foreground adds an interesting dynamic whilst the clouds give the impression of urgency. Don’t they?

Thank you for liking my work!

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