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Out of the ordinary things can happen when I’m on a photo shoot.

This image was captured at The Spit, Southport, Queensland, Australia.

I decided to change my composition and without looking at my camera, which was still shooting, I moved it to another location.

This image is the result of relocating my tripod.

The conditions during this photoshoot were fantastic.

It was a blustery morning, which added to the dynamics of the images that I captured before this one.

With the tide coming in, the fullness of the light breaking across the horizon created some very interesting effects.

People were walking their dogs and having fun as they were chasing the waves.

The jetty at The Spit is impressive in size. The striations in the middle of the image, represent the jetty.

As a Landscape Photographer, I love the outdoors, where the wind plays with my hair, and the water is an instant attraction.

My camera and tripod are always at hand as are my photographic filters.

Thank you for appreciating my work!