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Cool and Refreshing!

Landscape photography appeals to me as it enables me to travel, to meet wonderful people and to appreciate the wonder of nature.

I am passionate about being a landscape photographer.

Nature subdues me and I love the challenge involved with capturing something unique, particularly in typical tourist locations.

My intention is to draw from the beauty of the landscape around me and to accurately capture it.

To bring joy to clients who invest in my Fine Art Photography.

The lake and sky perfectly complement each other in beauty and colour, don’t they.

I waded fairly deep into the lake. During the winter months the mountain ranges are beautifully ‘decorated’ with snow.

I’m always amazed at how quickly the lakes in New Zealand become deep, so quickly.

The water in the lakes in South Island, New Zealand are crystal clear. The hues are indescribable.

South Island is a photographer’s dream. Where the beauty of nature and the photographer come face to face.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Image: Glendhu Bay, South Island, New Zealand

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