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Cool and Calm – a play on light and shadows

Shooting at Manly yachts has been the perfect training ground for me as a Fine Art Landscape Photographer. I have done numerous photoshoots at this beautiful, peaceful location.

It is a popular destination with photographers. I always arrive early, before sunrise, securing a good spot. Arriving in good time prepares me adequately for my photoshoot. I secure my photographic filters around my waist by using my belt. 

I prepare my camera, ensuring all its settings are correct. When I compose my photo, I ensure the camera’s focus is accurate. I usually commence my shoots before first light as there is an abundance of light to highlight the impressive yachts.

As the light cracks the horizon, I am prepared and ready to shoot. It does not take me long to start using my photographic filters. Shooting from Manly yachts is always a play on the light and shadows as was on the morning this image was captured. The clouds appeared as the sun was rising, creating a dramatic effect, with an impressive reflection of the cloud across the water at sunrise.

When I first purchased my most recent professional camera, I delighted in practicing the effects and technique involved between light and dark, particularly as one shoots straight into the sun, hence the importance of using photographic filters at this idyllic location.

Although I am not in the water at Manly yachts, I sit on the edge of the pedestrian walkway, reducing my tripod to create maximum effects between the water, the light, the yachts and the shadows appearing between the yachts.

My purpose and passion as a Fine Art Landscape/Seascape Photographer is to capture images that linger in one’s memory, for as long as they appear on a wall.