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Today I celebrate the release of my new website with a unique image, ‘Contentment’.

‘Contentment’ is a Limited Edition, (20 images to be released in total).

It is a classic, timeless piece that is an invaluable investment.

Sometimes the best things in life evolve from spontaneity. As a photographer I am a keen weather watcher.

At the time I captured ‘Contentment’, I had been observing the weather patterns with intentionality, as to when the snow would make an appearance on the lower slopes of Cardrona, which is close to where we live.

As soon as the moment presented itself, and I knew the conditions were favourable, we drove to our destination, where it was snowing.

The light conditions for photography were perfect and so was the depth of the snow. Once I had completed my photoshoot in the small settlement of Cardrona, my intentionality was to capture something special on the peripheral of that settlement.

Driving towards Wanaka, we noticed a road that was perfect for what I imagined to be secluded and tucked away from the main tourist route.

As we ascended the hill, I instinctively knew we had arrived at the right spot as I was convinced the scenery would evoke emotions and tell a story. Your story.

‘Contentment’ is an image that is unique as it is beautifully blended and yet so intriguingly contrasted with colours and moods that transport one to another place and space.

What message does ‘Contentment’ convey to you?