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Mt Aspiring National Park is one of my favourite photo shoot locations.

It is conveniently located to Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand.

The road conditions are dependent on the weather. The final segment of the journey is travelled on gravel.

As one winds one’s way around Lake Wanaka, the landscape is breathtakingly beautiful with spectacular pastureland and mountains. Particularly the gold trees in autumn.

Treble Cone is in the vicinity. It is a well reputed ski field.  The road leading to Treble Cone is unforgettable, for every good reason.

I recently captured this image at Mt Aspiring National Park. I arrived just before sunrise.

Walking across the dry river bed, which is occasionally moist, making it difficult to walk on it.

But this particular morning I was fortunate it was dry and my feet didn’t sink into it.

That morning light was so perfect and so many vantage points to use my camera and to shoot.

The journey of a landscape photographer can be without people and sometimes isolated.

But I love the call of nature in the birdsong, the sound of the rivers and admiring God’s handiwork in the mountains and the sky.

When you’re surrounded by so much beauty, you become so inspired and invigorated.

During my photo shoots, I am constantly observing the landscape and discovering new ways to capture it with my camera.

My camera, tripod and equipment is good quality.

I become in tune with the rhythm of nature.

My images are shot, not from a technical sense, that is relevant. But I capture the heartbeat of nature.

Transporting people to another place and space. Bearing you in mind!

Food for thought!

Thank you for liking my work!

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