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Come Out From The Shadows!

“Arise, shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” Isaiah 60:1 NIV

If you are hiding, what has kept you in the shadows for so long?

Have words spoken over your life attempted to side track you and extend the sadness you have been experiencing?

It is time to settle your past once and for all. Jesus Christ accomplished everything at the Cross for you.

He cried, ‘It is finished” on the Cross.

Fall at His feet in surrender. When you are at the end of yourself, God is up to something.

But He is unable to partner with you, if you do not  co-operate with Him.

The time has come, a defining moment, when you have had just about all that you can bare.

At this intersection of time and life, Jesus has His hand stretched out to you. Are you going to respond and put your hand (your life) into His?

Rise up from the shame and blame and from your wounds. Re-focus on your present/future.

View your life through a sharp lens and not how others may see you, or perhaps define you!

Sift through the misaligned memories, and cast your cares upon Jesus, as He cares for you.

Decide and determine not to carry your burdens and the weight of your cares a moment longer.

Resist lingering in the shadows of vindication and unforgiveness. They are poison you’re drinking, intended for others. Stop it!

Be encouraged, you are beautiful, and as unique as your fingerprint! Celebrate you!

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