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Come a little Closer!

Jacks Point, Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand.

What an invitation to come a little closer to nature!

It was my first visit to Jacks Point.

Gathering my photographic equipment, securing my camera on my tripod, I made my way to the lake.

Daybreak was just making an appearance.

An early morning chill reminded me that Autumn had arrived.

I decided not to put my waders on, my shoes were soaked in an instant.

There was nothing I could about that, instead I fixes my focus on where I was going to secure my tripod as the native grasses were growing in abundance.

As the light improved, I had an appreciation of the gigantic proportion of The Remarkables mountain range.

The sun was rising behind the mountain range and infused light became more intense the closer the sun go to ‘breaking’ over the The Remarkables.

This is the time I love the most as a landscape photographer.

An expectancy and a sense of hope always rises when the light appears, for some, after a long night.

Joy always comes in the morning!

I decided to post this image with the native grasses and flax as a contrast to The Remarkables, which are truly remarkable.

Jacks Point is an exclusive housing settlement/estate with a restaurant and golf course which attracts locals and people from all over the world!

Photography is more than just having a camera in your hand or secured on your tripod.

It’s a lifestyle and an interest to intentionally add value to people’s living spaces! Bringing them joy!

Introducing the outdoors, indoors!

Thank you for liking my work!

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