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Colour Burst

Sunset in Northern Queensland, Australia, during the sugar cane season is always met with some anticipation as to where and when the next harvest of sugar cane leaves will be burnt, before being transported to the sugar mill. It is of course a traditional way of preparing the cane before it is processed.

It was the first time I had witnessed such impressive and dense plumes of smoke ascending into the atmosphere, as a result of burning the leaves, adding to the drama of the already stunning sunsets. 

I stood on a farmer’s sugar cane field, where the cane was mostly in its infancy. The farmer was affable. He did not mind my using his land to capture some magnificent sunsets which were dramatic enough, but even more so, with the smoke forming clouds, heavy with awe-inspiring formations, colours and sizes. 

With such perfect weather conditions for my photoshoot, I secured my tripod into the soil whilst I used my photographic filters to their maximum capacity, which contributed to the accuracy of the moment.

This area is a settlement consisting of a few farms, but it is an extraordinary place to capture both sunrises and sunsets. My camera was in constant use when I was in that area. It was packed away at twilight as the light held for such an extended time.