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Experience my journey as I unpack the details associated with this photo shoot.

Manly Harbour Entrance is close to home. It is an idyllic spot. It’s also popular with fishermen and joggers. And of course, photographers.

Early that morning I noticed the cloud formations were interesting. I knew it was a good idea to drive to Manly. I arrived in good time. It did not take me long to prepare my photographic equipment for my shoot.

I established where I was going to position myself for my photoshoot. The clouds were dramatic in front of me. As the night surrendered to the day, I started my shoot. The clouds were heavy with rain. The sun added warmth to the horizon.

The wind was cold. I wore several layers of clothing to keep myself warm. I was the only photographer there that morning. As the sunrise evolved, I changed the direction of my camera. I also adjusted my lens, my focal length, to add interest to each image.

My passion is travel, people and photography. I thrive on sharpening my photographic skills by experimenting with new ideas on each photoshoot. It is important to me to experience what is successful. And what isn’t going to work in future photoshoots.

It was a grand finale of light. I was blessed with inspirational light. At the end of my photoshoot, I packed away my photographic equipment. And I left feeling delighted as it was a memorable shoot.