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Catch the Rhythm

Join me in experiencing my adventures and excitement on mh photo shoots as I unwrap my journey involved in capturing images that linger, whilst reflecting spectacular scenery that soak the soul with peace and hope!

It was the first time I had done a photo shoot at this river. I made my way from the car park towards my chosen spot in the semi dark. It was getting light quickly. The melodious bird song was uplifting.

I soon discovered the perfect spot to do my photo shoot. As I waded into the river, I immediately appreciated the depth and the strength of the flow of it. I realised I would need to be cautious.

My camera was ready to used. The autumn colours were beautiful. I reduced my tripod to maximise the colours of the river and the trees. I stood in this spot for 2 hours.

The temperature was just above freezing point. I did not mind as I was having so much fun. But I realised it was time to move on. Which I did. Further down the river.

At the end of my photo shoot, I was elated as I knew I’d captured images that were memorable. So, with a spring in my step, I made my way home.