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Join me in experiencing my adventures and excitement on my photo shoots, as I unwrap my journey involved in capturing images that linger, whilst reflecting spectacular scenery that soak the soul with peace and hope!

Sometimes the best moments in life involve spontaneity. I decided to drive to this wonderful location and enjoy a healthy take-away dinner. Whilst I was sitting in my vehicle, I noticed a change in the weather and the light. Instinctively, I knew it was the right moment to do a photo shoot.

My camera and photographic equipment are always with me in my car. I attached my camera to my tripod. A short walk is all it took to position myself for my photo shoot. I walked to the water’s edge. The mood in the sky changed very quickly.

It was raining out at sea. I always have my umbrella with me. I prepared it, just in case I needed to use it. The light improved as sunset was coming to a close. The wind was strong. At times, it required me holding my tripod. 

I was so glad I captured these incredible moments. Photographic filters are an invaluable photographic tool. The way the clouds parted, to reveal wonderful colours. It was a moment I will remember for some time to come.