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Fine Art Photography is considered a form of art, as its title suggests.

It has always been my intention to capture well known landmarks uniquely.

That afternoon, we caught the Subway to Clark Road, disembarked and walked to DUMBO.

I love the Subway. It is fast and delivers one safely to one’s desired destination. The hill on the return journey sharpened our fitness levels.

The evening I captured this image, taken from DUMBO (Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), it was freezing cold. The weather was pre-frontal whilst the chill factor was icy. I was appropriately dressed, but my hands were red from the cold, even though I was wearing gloves.

I was having fun playing with my focal length and composition.

At one stage I wondered what was over my head, I looked up and noticed it was a photographer holding his camera over me, taking shots of Manhattan!

Isn’t interesting what you can come up with, when you’re having fun?

Our walk back to the Subway was satisfying after a great shoot. At that time, sunset was before 4.30pm. Heading towards our shortest day.

Thank you for liking my blogs and my work!

I hope they take you to another space and place!