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Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia, is an idyllic location for surfers, joggers, bathers, walkers and photographers. Thus it is very popular.

This is one of my favourite photoshoot locations. It is approximately an hour and a half’s drive from my home. I like being on the road during the early hours of the morning. When the traffic is sparse and the conditions are perfect for relaxing into a new day.

As you can see, sunrise was becoming more apparent. I arrived at the beach, which is a perfect-sized enclave for photographers, at first light, the tide was just coming in, whilst the waves were picking up speed and height, with an increase of wind.

Due to the relatively calm conditions at that time of the day, I was able to extend my tripod legs, with my camera skimming above the waves, maximising the crisp colours in the eagerly awaited light.

Thank you for appreciating my work!