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Home 5 Journal 5 Bursting!


Come with me as I unpack my experiences associated with this photo shoot.

The morning I left home to drive to Currumbin beach, the weather was perfect. I departed very early so I could reach this wonderful location before sunrise.

When I arrived at the beach, it was still dark. I slipped into my waders. I secured my camera onto my tripod and made my way to the rocks. The distance to walk, was short.

The conditions at the beginning of the shoot weren’t exceptional. The sky was cloudless. As I positioned my tripod on the rocks to sharpen my composure, I noticed the clouds starting to arrive. Clouds are a big interest factor in any photo shoot.

If the sky is cloudless, my intention is to focus on an object that will attract attention. If it is not a jetty, then rock formations are perfect for distracting the lack of clouds in the sky.

In next to no time, the light was magnificent. Whilst the clouds kept rolling in across the sky, I continued to adjust my focal length on my lens. I also used a variety of photographic filters which emphasise the colours accurately. Filters also add interest to the clouds and smooth the water.

My photo shoot ended on a high note. The warmth of the clouds was perfectly reflected across the shallow water before me.

I packed up my photographic equipment and drove home in an upbeat mood as I knew it was a good photo shoot.