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Location: Kinloch, South Island, New Zealand.

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What an incredible destination, Kinloch, is. I love the remoteness of it. It is located at the ‘head’ or at the ‘top’, of Lake Wakatipu, which is a considerable size.

As I stayed at Kinloch Lodge, I was fortunate enough to walk to my photoshoot. It is nestled and secured by mountains on either side whilst the lake is perfectly ‘positioned’ in the middle, by our Creator, God.

I waded into the lake, wearing layers of clothing beneath my waders, as the temperature was just short of freezing point. But it was worth it. The current from the Dart River flowing into Lake Wakatipu, was strong. I stood and watched with fascination as the water flowed past me.

Although it was a cloudless morning, the light was perfect, casting reflections of the mountains on the water. My tripod and camera were in my firm grip due to the impressive water current. As the light cracked upon the horizon, the bird chorus was beautiful, heralding in a new day, with joy and delight.

Thank you for appreciating my work!