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When darkness surrenders to the light, hope is released.

Darkness is the absence of light, it is not real.

Position yourself in the light of Jesus Christ. Where there are no shadows of lies, deceit and deception!

It is time to believe the Truth. The truth that Jesus speaks about you in His Word, the Bible.

Resist being a chameleon. Pleasing everyone else! You need to be true to yourself.

Surround yourself with people who celebrate you. The real you, you were created to be.

Stop being one thing with specific people, and something else with others.

Stand up straight, be strong and resist the whispers from your past. Command them to go, in Jesus Name

Put an end to them. Speak aloud what God says about you in His Word.

Break the patterns that have worn you out. That have wearied your mind.

If you feel rejected and abandoned, it is time to speak to those lies and to uproot them.

Your past cannot have power over you, unless you permit it to!

The only person who can choose to make those changes is you!

Today, I encourage you not just to talk about your circumstances, but to activate your faith, commit your ways to God and partner with Him in walking through your pain, to the other side of victory!

Live, laugh and love!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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