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Light that bursts forth, introduces hope, doesn’t it?

It brings clarity whilst it changes perspectives!

This photoshoot was memorable from beginning to end.

I left home fairly early as I lived further away from the coast at the time of this shoot.

Before I went on this photoshoot, I did my research and checked that the conditions would be ideal for capturing images.

Snapper Rocks, near Coolangatta, Queensland, Australia is the location of this photoshoot.

It was some time since I’d visited this wonderful beach.

Arriving nice and early, whilst it was still dark, I slipped into my waders and prepared myself and my photographic equipment for my shoot.

Ensring I had my photographic filters with me.

Walking towards the rocks, using my effective headlamp, I hopped onto the rocks, and, as first light was appearing on the horizon, I started preparing for my first photographic composition.

My intentionality is to vary my tripod/camera and focal lengths to add interest and different dynamics to the area I’m shooting at.

Due to the incoming tide, I needed to keep my tripod at a reasonable height, avoiding, as much as possible, my camera and photography equipment from getting wet.

Watching the tide come in, is always a thrill for me. I love the unpredictability of the tide and the effect of the waves as they crash against the rocks.

During this photoshoot, I moved my camera and tripod several times in an attempt to keep my camera and filters dry.

I had so much fun. A photographer was behind me using a telephoto lens on a monopod. He withdrew too, of course, as the tide made its way towards us.

The warmth of the sun soaking the water draws you in to the picture, doesn’t it?

Being a Landscape Photographer, I love the unpredictability of nature and submitting myself to the power of God.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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Location: Snapper Rocks, Queensland, Australia