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Bologna: Piazza Maggiore

They say every picture paints a thousand words as well as being pretty as a picture!

My time spent in Bologna, Italy was so memorable, I intend returning.

Italians are so warm and hospitable and their food is out of this world.

I walked daily from my hotel through the streets of Bologna.

Bologna is steeped in history and has the oldest university in the world.

I captured the Piazza Maggiore a couple of times, and of course, on each occasion the lighting was different.

The streets were decorated with gorgeous Christmas lights which were so delicate looking and understated.

The architecture and colonnades were inspirational. I would sometimes just stand and reflect on the history of this beautiful city.

It is rich is stories and unforgettable heritage.

As a landscape photographer, it was great to capture such iconic buildings.

Thank you wonderful people in Bologna, your love and laughter has encouraged me to return.

Image: Piazza Maggiore

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