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Bologna: Come As You Are!


I spent considerable time walking amongst the extensive narrow roads with buildings and shops that were so colourful. The facades of the buildings are centuries old and vibrant. Can you imagine the stories that were shared in and amongst those confined roads, cafes and shops?

It was great to side step the traffic of tourism and locals and to experience the authenticity of Bologna, in the less travelled back streets. Although the weather was chilled by a breeze, the spontaneity of gathering together outdoors, remained firm. Sharing food or a strong, short espresso, filled their time with laughter that echoed across the slither of a road.

The bicycle immediately attracted my attention. In my youth, they were used as a mode of transport for delivering meat and food. Beautiful, heart-warming moments. Eclipsed only by the scent of food escaping through the doors and permeating the atmosphere with a delicious aroma.