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Blue Yonder!

Location: Wynnum Jetty, Queensland, Australia.

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Wynnum Jetty is iconic. It is renowned for its fishermen, cyclists, joggers and walkers, particularly walkers with dogs. The Wynnum wading pool is also popular and is conveniently located to the jetty.

The morning of this photoshoot, the wind was very strong. I am familiar with this lovely location. I made my way to my usual spot, made myself comfortable by sitting on my cushion and waited for first light and the sunrise.

I knew there was an impressive bank of clouds as the light took some time to diffuse the darkness on the horizon. As the thin line of light appeared, I was aware of the intensity of the clouds. The sunrise was spectacular, I noticed that the clouds were being woven with incredible light, which was very dramatic.

As the sun was rising, I looked behind me and noticed the clouds were illuminated with light. I repositioned myself on the other side of the jetty, where I was facing into the strong wind, which made shooting very interesting, but worthwhile.

Thank you for appreciating my work!