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Come with me as I unpack my experiences associated with this photo shoot.

This photo shoot was packed with fun. And surprises.

I drove to Devil’s Staircase that afternoon. Travelling from Queenstown, I reached my destination in good time. The winter sun was starting to make its move towards the mountains in preparation for setting.

As I approached the corner, instinctively, I knew the spot was perfect for a shoot. I pulled off the side of the road. Then I gathered my photographic equipment and made my way to Lake Wakatipu. The weather was perfect. Although it was cloudless, the conditions were great.

The bank to the lake was fairly steep, so I walked with caution. When I arrived at the lake, I secured my camera onto my tripod. My photographic filters were positioned in front of my lens once I’d composed my shot.

Composition in photography is important. I am intentional when I prepare my compositions. I vary my focal lengths on my lens, which brings the subject closer or further away. It depends on what I am shooting as to what focal length I choose.

The golden trees were a beautiful contrast to the blue of the water and the sky. A stream coursed its way into Lake Wakatipu. The reflections were picture perfect. It was a great way to end my photo shoot.

I drove home happy. Sometimes spontaneous moments count for much.