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Isn’t the effect of calm water, soothing?

Sunset at Wellington Point, Queensland, Australia, is beautiful and popular.

When the weather is good, people picnic near the water and appreciate the sun setting.

The tide was coming in. Wearing my waders, I stepped into the water and moved back appropriately as the tide headed towards the shore.

This particular evening, the conditions were perfect: the lighting and it was calm.

I positioned my tripod with my camera just above the water to maximise the effect of the beautiful light before me.

Wellington Point is popular with photographers, particularly on an evening such as this one.

I used my photographic filters almost to the end of the shoot, to add ‘realistic’ warmth.

The tree adds a hint of extra interest.

Colours to draw you in, taking you to another place and space.

What I love about landscape photography and being a landscape photographer is the dynamics of the photo shoot conditions are never the same, even at the same destination.

Each day: sunrise and sunset, is unique.

Thank you for appreciating my work!