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Recently I have relocated to a new home to be closer to the ocean.

It has been a great move. Our home is close to the motorway which enables me to arrive at various destinations in good time.

This was the first time I’d visited Flagstaff Beach, New South Wales, Australia.

Driving on the motorway during the early hours of the morning is a breeze. I leave home very early due to earlier sunrises.

Queensland does not have daylight saving. Although, Flagstaff Beach is just across the border from Queensland so there is very difference in the sunrise and sunset times.

Due to the early sunrises at this time of the year, I started this photo shoot at 4am.

When I arrived on the beach, I witnessed the car park fill up very quickly. It is a very popular surfers beach.

Previous to this photo shoot, I purposefully drove to this beach to investigate where the best place was to position myself for good photographic compositions.

Being familiar with a destination in advance, is an advantage. It’s a time saver.

The tide was coming in and the conditions were absolutely perfect. The gentle breeze calmed the water at the rising of the tide.

My passion for photography, particularly landscape and seascape photography, defines my love for God, nature and for his people.

Photography enables me to enjoy solitude, in addition to exchanging life stories with people who come across my path.

Sunrise during this photoshoot was absolutely stunning. The sun burst through the clouds at the last minute. The light lingered for quite some time.

I lowered my tripod, so it was just above the water, which enabled me to capture the effect of the light on the water more effectively, including the motion of the ocean and the reflections of the rocks, with the incoming tide.

The warmth blended with the coolness, makes the picture more inviting.

My camera was very busy during this photo shoot, whilst using photographic filters.

Being a Landscape Photographer defines my identity, it’s not what I do, but who I am.

Thank you for appreciating my work.

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Location: Flagstaff Beach, New South Wales, Australia