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Beautiful Bologna!

Earlier this year I was invited to exhibit my work in Bologna, Italy. Our time spent in that city was very special. We travelled from New Zealand, to London and then flew to Bologna. Keith and I love the Italians. We were reminded of our younger years growing up when were weren’t so absorbed in social media. Family life is significant in Italy, particularly with the children.

They embrace life in such an enthusiastic way, it is refreshing to witness. Every day is exciting to the Italians, including their driving.  Although the drivers express themselves freely in Italy, we felt safe and the drivers were friendly.

This image taken of the San Petronio Basilica, at dawn, will remain with me for some time. It is beautiful inside and out. I did two photoshoots in this region. Arriving, as custom, just before daybreak. We witnessed plenty of activity in the early morning. In fact, wherever we are in the world, as night surrenders to the day, we have being aware of people working and preparing early for the day ahead.

What spoke strongly to me about Italy, was the architecture and the manner in which they have perfectly blended modern with traditional, the honour they possess for each other and their affability. We witnessed laughter and joy resonating the airwaves as serious discussions over simple issues gave way to fun. Companionship and lively buoyant banter fills the atmosphere, shared with their passion for food and wine. Conversations are lengthy over food and everyone participates and is heard. Food for thought.