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Award of Excellence!

On Saturday 26 November, 90 artists from 30 different countries gathered together for ‘Little Treasures’ 2016 at Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy. ‘Little Treasures’ comprises of each artist or photographer submitting x4, 8″ images, representing a story or a theme.

When we arrived at the gallery, the art work and fine art photography, was artistically arranged on the walls. The colours blended beautifully. Two wall main walls were decorated with gorgeous art work and photography, including the narrow back wall. The colours stimulated the senses. The challenge was producing something significant on a small area of canvas, or whatever materials were used. Artists and photographers, alike, produced a very high standard of work.

As we became better acquainted and respected each other’s work. Paola, the Director, drew our attention to a short speech followed by the handing out of Awards of Excellence. I was excited as I received an Award of Excellence! I came away from that night, enriched by the experience and a more humble person.

Thank you to Paola who put on an impressive spread of food and a variety of drinks and for all that she and her team did to produce a memorable occasion.