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Walking in authority, suggests you’re not going to permit anything or anyone to get you down or distract you!

Audacious: “Daring, bold or fearless.”

Although I don’t live in regret, I allowed words and individuals to intimidate me for a considerable time. I was accountable for the reaction to those suggestions and emotions.

I allowed myself to become fearful and influenced by advice that was not always wise.

More often than not, I persuaded myself to remain in the background as I considered myself inferior and inadequate.

When we compare and compete with others, often as a result of rejection, we can become blindsided by circumstances.

It took me some time to realise my True Identity in Christ. Because I lowered my expectations in agreement with individuals around me.

God intended for us to collaborate and to unify, as there is strength in unity.

Of course we have our differences. That is ok, we can learn to agree to disagree in a mature manner.

If you’re reading this blog and you’ve been sitting on the fence for a considerable time. It is time for you to develop your voice.

Speak up, make decisions. Draw a boundary line. Not an enclosure where you shut the world out, and yourself in.

But make it clear and definite where you boundaries are. Developing a healthy self-respect will encourage others to respect you.

Respect invites respect.

Be audacious: there is no looking back! Reach forward in boldness!

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