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This was my last photoshoot taken from Roaring Meg, South Island, New Zealand, before returning to Australia, to settle.

It was a freezing cold day, with ice on the ‘fringes’ of the road appearing at the top of Crown Range Road. I travelled down the other side of the Range with caution.

As I arrived at my chosen site for my photo shoot, the light was just cracking over the horizon, across the mountain ranges.

What an inspirational landscape this is. The warmth on the mountains during the latter part of my shoot contrasts with the coolness associated with the rest of the image.

I walked down that path. My intentionality is to capture the essence of the landscape accurately and to draw you into the picture, so to speak.

To get to my destination, required stepping over a fence, with a good, solid set of wooden steps on either side of the fence.

Before long I secured my tripod onto the ground and my camera was busy during this shoot as the light conditions and landscape were extraordinary.

Roaring Meg is on the peripheral of Queenstown. It is used as a skiing playground by marathon, cross-country skiers.

It is an adventure playground during every season. Nestled in the valley are vineyards.

My photographic filters featured in introducing warmth, whilst keeping the image true to what I saw as I captured it.

As a Landscape Photographer, I love the outdoors and I’m stimulated by it’s beauty.

Thank you for appreciating my work!