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Stand strong during the storms of life!

Realise your True Identity in Christ when opposition attempts to confine you to a corner. Resist it!

Growing up in Christ during the storms of life are positively powerfully, life-defining moments!

Extract the gems during your times of trials.

Instead of just ‘going through’ them or repeating trips around the proverbial mountains of challenges, consider the root causes and reasons, during the season of trials.

Command peace in the storm. Jesus took authority over the storms as He is the Prince of Peace. Peace is a person, Jesus Christ.

When Jesus is invited into the storm, revelation, knowledge, peace, wisdom and understanding influence the outcome. Peace be still.

One does not gain momentum during the storms of life, if you permit panic to set in.

When the negative forces are commanded to go, Jesus takes up residence and authority overrides attempted turmoil.

This shot was captured during rough seas, strong currents and a tunnel-vision purpose to complete my photo shoot.

A rogue wave rose up over the rocks and washed over me and my camera. My tripod was reduced in height.

I ran to my vehicle, praying that my camera and equipment were in good order. God protected them. Because I always pray before my photo shoots for protection!

Do not bow your knew to nostalgia and to the lies the Devil is attempting to convince you as being the ‘truth’.

It is time to rise above your circumstances, in the peace of Jesus, knowing Him intimately, resisting those lies.

Images are available as framed and unframed!

Thank you for appreciating my work!