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The morning I captured this image at sunrise at Flagstaff Beach, New South Wales, Australia, the tide was coming in.

From a landscape/seascape photographer’s perspective the conditions were perfect.

I positioned myself in the great spot, where the accent was on the momentum associated with the incoming tide.

When we position ourselves in a pivotal position, it gives us an advantage of being able to move into the next dimension, with ease.

Whilst on photoshoots, particularly at the ocean, I’m persistently observing the clouds, their formation, the sun, the effect it has on the clouds, water/tides and the wind.

It’s direction and strength and the impact it has on the environmental conditions.

We need to be astute. Being sensitive to our inner life, to the ‘heartbeat’ of our thought processes, in gaining ground and advancing into our God-given destiny.

Preparation is paramount with regards to my photoshoots. But that applies to anything in life.

Take time out and be still before God.  Perhaps re-consider/adjust some of your thought processes or motives.

Sometimes we can accentuate, or major in the minor things in life. Words carry consequences. Watch yours!

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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