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Glenorchy, South Island, New Zealand is a beautiful town.

Attracting tourists from around the world.

It is approximately an hour’s drive from Queenstown. The hub of extreme sports in New Zealand.

The road is scenic and the landscape is mountainous.

During the winter months the snow capped mountains are spectacular.

Kinloch is located nearby. It is positioned at the tip of Lake Wakatipu.

When I walked into the lake wearing my waders, the waves gained momentum against my body.

The scene was tempestuous. My intention as a landscape photographer, using a quality camera and equipment, is to accurately capture nature.

True representation of creation, depicting rugged landscapes and cloudy skies and water that is woven with green and blue hues.

Taking you to another place and space. Introducing the outdoors, indoors.

As I stood in Lake Wakatipu, the realisation of life and how it accelerates, became a notable reality.

Experience it for yourself!

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