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A New Day Dawning!

This morning I arrived at my shoot location early, near Brisbane, Australia.

Joggers and people walking their dogs were enjoying the crisp morning before sunrise.

We are approaching our shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere, but it did not stop people celebrating a new day together.

The tide was in and the hues of gold, blue and pink were spectacular.

I positioned myself on a wall, with my tripod just above my legs, secure and safe.

It was great being able to capture the spectacular sunrise, soaking the water and sky with golden light, whilst seated.

My intention it to always arrive for my photo shoots early, enabling me to settle in and being prepared before first light.

I’m always fascinated observing people and it is wonderful to appreciate the dawn with them.

Having my camera, tripod and filters as my ‘ travelling companions.’

As a Landscape Photographer, I am always observing the clouds and the light interacting with them.

I’m becoming more of a cloud reader. Photography is my passion as are people and travel.

Thank you for liking my work!

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