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Beautiful, bright and brilliant Australia.

This location is conveniently located to where I live in Brisbane, Australia.

I arrived for my photo shoot, slipped into my waders and made my way into the water.

Before the sun appears in the sky, welcoming a new day, I stand in the water with my tripod and camera and stand in awe and wonder of God’s handiwork.

Sometimes I turn on my camera early to capture the evolvement of the sunrise, on a long shutter speed.

This area is a fishermen’s or ‘boatie’s’ haven.

Instinct runs strong in God’s creation. The Pelicans and Seagulls gather early as the boats are being released into the water.

They have an expectancy of being fed fish.

Some sunrises are fiery and short as this one was. Whilst others, the clouds have gathered and the light weaves through them in an inspirational way.

I drew my focal length towards the sunrise as I wanted to accurately capture the magnificence of God’s Creation close up.

The pier in the distance attracts attention without being too dominant and adds interest with the lights being on and reflecting in the water.

As you can see, the cloud reflections were stunning and the water, calm.

Each sunrise is so unique, as a Landscape Photographer, I anticipate every sunrise and sunset with an out of the ordinary expectancy.

Water is an incredible attraction to humankind. It can be soothing or tempestuous. But it draws us, doesn’t it?

Thank you for appreciating my work!

Clare Page Photography: Instinctive and Inviting!