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A Fond Farewell!

I am on the eve of my departure from Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand, heading to Brisbane, Australia.

This image was captured using my professional camera, on my last photo shoot in New Zealand, for now!

As a landscape photographer, I have discovered so much about God, Creation, life, people and myself! Particularly whilst living in South Island, New Zealand.

In a time frame just shy of a year of being in this indescribable location, it has been a humbling privilege capturing landscapes that burst with God’s brilliance!

I’m well layered with clothing due to the icy conditions.

In a heart beat I can drive to any location as I’m always prepared. The back of my vehicle represents my office.

The temperature, the morning of this photo shoot averaged -1.5 degrees, with black ice on the road.

Due to the weather, I drove to Roaring Meg with absolute intentionally!

As I wound my way around the Crown Range, where the mountains meet you right down to the road, I instinctively knew it was going to be a special sunrise.

Arriving at my destination, I waited for the dawn to break. And I made my way to my desired spot.

Landscape photography is not what I do, it represents who I am.

In the semi-dark I noticed a light dusting of snow on the mountains, which excited me.

Dawn broke the darkness in the sky, my excitement grew when I witnessed the light becoming more interesting. And the cloud formations with intense, infused light, simply out of this world! The landscape evolved dramatically with the light.

The wind made its presence felt with its icy breath around me. On that occasion, I wore two pairs of gloves.

Fortunately I was in a pivotal position, I secured my tripod on a ledge of rock and swivelled my camera in all directions.

I also varied my tripod positions. The sky, light and mountains were inspirationally dramatic. I could not stop clicking my camera button.

It is time to say farewell to South Island, New Zealand and time to embrace my future in Australia.

My work would not evolve or exist without God, my husband, Keith, who loves and supports and believes in me as a person and as a landscape photographer.

And to those who follow, encourage and appreciate my work, a BIG THANK YOU!

Thank you for liking my work!

Location: Roaring Meg, South Island, New Zealand

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