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Home 5 Journal 5 A De-Light-Ful Tree, Rockefeller Centre, New York!

A De-Light-Ful Tree, Rockefeller Centre, New York!

Arriving early was a bonus as it gave us an opportunity to witness the beauty of the Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations and to capture them before it became too busy!

The photographic options are numerous, as many as you imagination releases you to take.

Personally, my favourite position to shoot the Christmas tree was where this image was taken.

I was standing at the entrance to the ice-skating rink which was in the process of opening for the early morning skaters who were starting to arrive in number.

The sun added warmth to the colour of the sky, although it was freezing cold. We were warmly dressed and gravitated towards the nearest coffee shop.

All the Christmas photos were taken, hand-held, as tripods were not permitted to be used, due to tight security. I understand that!