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The morning I captured this image of The Remarkables Mountain Range, in Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand was memorable.

It was freezing cold as I positioned myself on a steep hill, with icy conditions, the wind whipped around me, adding to the chill factor.

My tripod  was at its lowest height, as I huddled against some long grass, offering me shelter.

I made my way down the hill with cautious steps as I had my camera bag and photographic equipment on my back.

Instinctively I knew where to sit and once I’d got my camera ready, I started clicking immediately.

The snow made an early appearance this year. There have been impressive snow falls in this region since I left New Zealand for Australia.

Light is amazing isn’t it? How it adds warmth and emphasises the beauty of the landscape.

Queenstown is just to the right of this image.

It is a jewel in a crown. Surrounded by majestic mountains and Lake Wakatipu, which is large and unforgettable in beauty.

The mean temperature was worth it as the sunrise was spectacular.

I am a passionate Landscape Photographer, it is not what I do, but who I am.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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