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Landscape Photography is my passion and my identity.

People and travel are equally shared as a passion.

Being a Landscape Photographer is inspirational and exciting and so diverse.

Recently I returned from South island, New Zealand, to Brisbane, Australia.

The contrasts in culture and in scenery is diverse and offers interesting dynamics.

The still lakes and unforgettable scenery of New Zealand’s mountains and crystal clear rivers and lakes is unmistakable.

But then I step into the incoming tide of the ocean in Australia, and an excitement wells up on the inside of me!

There is a pulse in Australia that captures your attention. It’s vastness, vivid colours and then it subdues to softness just as quickly.

Seascapes are varied and sometimes unpredictable. But I love the momentum and the life that pulsates, particularly with the incoming tide.

I captured this image at sunrise just south of Surfers Paradise, Australia.

It was my first time in the ocean for some time. But I took to it like a duck to water.

Later on in my photo shoot, I stood on a rock shelf, with my waders on, and had so much fun with the tide crashing against the rocks.

My camera was very busy during this photo shoot. I kept a watchful eye on my photo equipment and tripod.

Thank you for appreciating my work!

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