In the Moment – “one of my favourite locations”

Each month Clare opens up her photography journal and takes us behind some of her images. This is In the Moment, shot at Nora Head Beach.

This location also features in one of Clare’s most popular prints – “Anchored”. This print is available to purchase in the Online Photography Print Shop. It is also one of the images in Clare’s 2022 calendar – 12 Months of Hope and is one of the featured images for the stunning range of Clare Page Acrylic Desk Blocks

Nora Head Beach, New South Wales, Australia

From Clare’s Journal

This is one of my favourite locations to shoot. The lighthouse as a feature is a bonus and provides a focal point.

The sunrise of the morning of this photoshoot was exceptional. Shooting from the large rock shelf is an incredible experience. Wearing my waders I am able to clamber over rocks and stand waist deep in the ocean, whatever is needed!

Nora Head Beach is a popular location for Clare and you can see a range of her Wall Art Prints in the Online Shop.