Each month Clare opens up her photography journal and takes us behind some of her images. This is Fleeting, shot at Burleigh Heads in Queensland.

Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

From Clare’s Journal

This remarkable location is iconic with surfers and photographers. The beach lends itself to versatility for photographers as it offers an opportunity to extend ourselves beyond the everyday of capturing images.

Rocks are prolific in specific areas and define the coastline with a distinct warning. When the ocean is nearing full tide, they can prove to be potentially lethal as they are so slippery.

When I arrive at Burleigh Heads to do a photoshoot, I always have a sense of expectancy and excitement. I know that the shoot is going to be an opportunity to sharpen my photographic skills. 

It can be a place where the ocean is calm and lethargic, but it is not the norm. I thrive on the opportunities to push my photographic boundaries beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

Wearing my waders is a distinct advantage as it enables me to immerse my tripod and myself, in the water. Depending on the fullness of the tide, and the nature of the ocean I can be up to my waist at times.

Before I decide on my specific position on each photoshoot at Burleigh Heads, I instinctively survey the surrounding areas in that vicinity. The rock pools are idyllic when the tide is cascading over the rocks. Otherwise I use the coastline as an advantage to showcase the light superbly with the help of Mother Nature.

Alternatively, on a more lethargic day, when the tide is perfect for splashing over the rocks gently, I stand on the beach, in front of the restaurant, which offers me an opportunity to reduce my tripod legs, whilst my camera is secure on the tripod.

I then evaluate the safety of my equipment, ensuring my filters are protected. I lower myself to control the functionality of my camera and shutter release, thereby maximising the moment of exposure and reflections of the clouds whilst the light soaks the sky. In God’s broad Master strokes of colour that drip with His Creative Genius. Inspiring and impressing upon humanity to stop, to be still and to absorb the moment of rest and relaxation.

Capturing the Shot

On the morning of this photoshoot the conditions were superbly synchronised. I experienced the throb of God’s pulse in the ocean as the waves advanced towards me. There were moments of resistance against my tripod, from the waves, but I stood my ground and remained strong and resilient. 

The rocks were smooth and glossy with the effect of the water washing over them. The sun soaked the water with warmth, whilst it was also blended with the coolness of the blue of the early morning sky. A surfer stands solitary, waiting with anticipation of catching a wave.

At the end of my photoshoot, my waders were soaked, but my tripod, camera and filters were safe. My soul was elated. Burleigh Heads continues to invite me back for future opportunities of stimulating my senses and upgrading the fine art of photography. 

I packed my camera bag, tripod and filters into my vehicle and headed for home, bursting with excitement after a momentous photoshoot.

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