Defining Moments – the quiet pulse of water

Each month Clare opens up her photography journal and takes us behind some of her images. This is Defining Moments, shot at The Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Defining Moments Clare Page Landscape Photography
Defining Moments, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

This beach is an iconic surfing and photographic location. It is ideally located on the Gold, Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is also enjoyed by dog walkers who gather together and exchange life stories. 

It is quite a beach to walk to in the dark, although some places are well illuminated, my mind stretches things beyond reality when walking past shadows. It is about walking by faith and not by sight. I will not permit fear to paralyse me or to stop me in my tracks.

Walking from the car park in my waders is good, whilst I position my tripod and camera over my shoulder, with my filter pouch wrapped around my waist. Sand/water is pumped out to sea from this beach. It is wonderful witnessing the quiet pulse of sand/water being released to the ocean.

As I made my way to the beach, I immediately recognised another photographer in the dark, from a distance. To be honest, my heart started beating at an accelerated rate. But I needed to remain rooted where I was and to inform the fear to retreat.

The conditions were superb. Having done my research regarding the weather, before leaving home, paid dividends. Clouds were scattered across the horizon, whilst a gentle breeze had no effect on the surface of the water.

Capturing the Shot

I located my position that was suitable to shoot from, securing my tripod in the sand, I started shooting as first light was breaking across the horizon. The Spit is predictably unpredictable. It has fast moving currents, and if you are unaware of where they are, one could experience some difficulty.

Before the sunrise fully matured, the colour in the clouds was influenced by the intensity of the sunrise. The ocean was calm and soothing, clothed in a vivid blue.

During that photoshoot, I repositioned my tripod on several occasions and altered my focal length of my lens, absorbing the accuracy of the spectacular scene before me. The tide was ebbing, with an ease for a more relaxed photoshoot.

Towards the end of my photoshoot I was joined by several other photographers who were maximising the moment as I was, as we appreciated the inspiration of Mother Nature before us.

To be honest, I’m so pleased that I remained focused on remaining, as God showcased an inspirational light show that morning. It was a good walk on the beach with my camera and tripod over my shoulders, back to my vehicle, replaying the highlights of the sunrise, reflecting on the privilege of being a fine art landscape/seascape photographer.

It was with joy that I packed away my photographic equipment and made my way home.

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