Clare Page is an Australian and International award-winning Fine Art Landscape Photographer, who has recently been awarded Best Fine Art Landscape Photographer | Australia | Lux Life.

People are Clare’s priority and her passionate purpose, originating from a deep desire, is to extend herself to humanity through her work. Fine Art Photography is captured from the core of Clare’s soul, as she witnesses splashes of colour through her lens, painting bright colours of hope especially for the hurting.

At a time, such as this, Clare is purposeful in empowering, equipping and encouraging people to draw from their inner strength with the use of words of heartfelt empathy that support, strengthen and stabilise the soul.

Fine Art Photography is the heartbeat that pulsates through Clare’s veins to nurture the hidden treasures in humanity and to extract them through the use of her camera. Inspiration released through imagination.

Her diligence, coupled with hope and resilience, as a mature Fine Art Landscape Photographer, Clare is relentless, regardless of the circumstances or weather conditions. She has persistently pursued the art of improving her work in, and, in some instances, in extreme weather conditions. 

She possesses a tenacity of never surrendering, that is reflected in her photography.  It is Clare’s intention to express hope and encouragement to those who come into contact with her.  

Clare Page Photography was birthed from a navigational perspective and purpose; to inspire and to release individuals into their destiny, fulfilling their dreams, whilst drawing from peace, and living in contentment. 

“If you are young, do not procrastinate and if you’re mature, it’s not too late,” is Clare’s catch phrase, which are words of wisdom spoken from experience.

Excellence and integrity are woven into her vocabulary, with heart felt sincerity. Travel is a good companion for Clare, associated with photography. Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy and the United States are countries where Clare has had opportunities to capture the captivating beauty of those countries.

Gardening, reading and walking are relaxing for Clare.
Brisbane, Australia is where Clare calls home.


To equip and empower humanity to live life with a purposeful passion, by rising up in hope, through resilience.


Capturing creation, filtered flawlessly through my lens.
Pursuing the pinnacle of photographic excellence.
Images reflecting the core of the soul, framed by exceptional quality.
Encouraging exposure to the nations through books, galleries and tourism.


Awards and Achievements

Clare Page has received the following awards with heartfelt gratitude. Clare continues to look for opportunities to exhibit and introduce her work to people from all over the world. Please get in touch at sales@cpimage.shop.

2021 LUX Life Award
On 3 December 2020, Clare Page Photography Ltd was awarded Best Fine Art Landscape Photographer (Australia) by LUX Life for their Travel and Tourism Awards 2021.

2017 Art Awards
Clare was awarded the ATIM’S TOP 60 Masters of Contemporary Art ‘Masters Certificate of Excellence.’ ArtTour International, Italy, 27 May 2017. ‘This was presented in recognition for excellence in the Arts and contribution to cultural exchange.

2016 Little Treasure
Clare also exhibited in “Little Treasure” 2016 Exhibition in Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy. This was organised by Trevisan International Art. This exhibition was held in November and December 2016, and Clare received an Award of Excellence for her work.

2015 AIPP and APPA Competitions
Clare Page was also Awarded Silver for ‘Delicate’ in the 2015 AIPP and APPA Competitions. This image was shot on location in USA.