Sun Burst!

25th July 2017

It was a cold morning with a fresh South Westerly wind adding to the chill factor. The tide was low when I waded into the water. As you can see, MORE »


23rd July 2017

Glendhu Bay, Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand is so beautiful. The light that afternoon was extraordinary. My vehicle is always packed and ready to go on a photo shoot. Within MORE »


22nd July 2017

Periodically I travel to the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane, in Australia. The morning of this shoot I had so much fun. Although I arrived as the tide was coming MORE »


20th July 2017

The evening I captured this moon shot, I’d arrived earlier for an afternoon photo shoot. This is one of my favourite locations, near Brisbane, in Australia It so turned out MORE »


20th July 2017

Believing who you were created to be and the gifts that God has birthed in you. Be encouraged where you are at today. At times the journey can be lonely. MORE »


20th July 2017

Landscape Photography is my passion and my identity. People and travel are equally shared as a passion. Being a Landscape Photographer is inspirational and exciting and so diverse. Recently I MORE »


18th July 2017

This location is beautiful, peaceful and secluded. The mangrove trees add interest whilst the clouds and the warmth of the sun soak the water. Aren’t the reflections lovely and the MORE »

Softly, silently!

18th July 2017

When I arrived at my photo shoot location, looking at the early morning sky, there were few clouds in the sky. As I turned around, I noticed impressive clouds starting MORE »


16th July 2017

Australia is a beautiful land of superb contrasts. It is an exciting country to capture. But it also has it’s peaceful moments as captured the morning of this photo shoot. MORE »


13th July 2017

Beautiful, bright and brilliant Australia. This location is conveniently located to where I live in Brisbane, Australia. I arrived for my photo shoot, slipped into my waders and made my MORE »


11th July 2017

Bennett’s Bluff, South Island, New Zealand, is a stunning location. The morning I arrived at this spectacular location for my photo shoot, it was pre-dawn. At times motorists park on MORE »

Driving Through The Fog!!

9th July 2017

My intention was to drive to the Coast and to do a sunrise photo shoot. When I drove onto the freeway and saw the fog, instinctively I knew the countryside MORE »


6th July 2017

As the light was breaking on the horizon, I expected a brilliant sunrise. The clouds were absent, but the intense orange and yellow that soaked the horizon was indescribable. Because MORE »

Plain Sailing!

4th July 2017

Recently I returned to one of my favourite local shoot locations, Manly, near Brisbane, Australia. When I received my new Canon camera, I choose to train myself with shooting into MORE »

Fiery Delight!

28th June 2017

Every sunrise is special, but some are spectacular. In the quietness of the morning, I arrived at my shoot location as the tide was receding. It was a bit too MORE »

Look On The Bright Side!

27th June 2017

I’m pleased I decided to do a sunrise photoshoot at Wellington Point, Brisbane, Australia, this particular morning. It is conveniently located and leaving home before sunrise, the traffic is minimal. MORE »

NEW! Exclusive Collection

26th June 2017

Experience my New Exclusive Collection, available on my website: It has been created with you in mind. The distinguished Investor! Each image is hand picked due to it’s distinctive MORE »

Realise Your Dream!

23rd June 2017

The sunrise this particular day was incredible. Before first light, I noticed clouds that formed intriguing patterns. As the light illuminated the sky, and the reflections of the clouds on MORE »

A New Day Dawning!

20th June 2017

This morning I arrived at my shoot location early, near Brisbane, Australia. Joggers and people walking their dogs were enjoying the crisp morning before sunrise. We are approaching our shortest MORE »

Why I Call Australia Home!

19th June 2017

Australia! The reason I call it home … it’s beautiful and bold! This image was captured as the sun was rising and the tide was going out. As the night MORE »


18th June 2017

As I was standing in  Lake Wanaka at Glendhu Bay, South Island, New Zealand I turned around and noticed a dusting of snow on the mountain ranges. It did not MORE »

Picture Yourself Here!

13th June 2017

This image was captured during my last sunrise photoshoot standing on Ponte Vecchio. As a Landscape Photographer, I look forward to each sunrise and sunset, in various locations. I knew MORE »

Bright and Beautiful!

30th May 2017

This is one of my favourite locations which is close in proximity to Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand. As I stepped into Lake Wanaka for my photo shoot that morning MORE »

Dancing in the Dark!

27th May 2017

‘That Wanaka Tree’, in Lake Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand, is renowned around the world, for being ‘the most photographed tree in the world’. As I arrive early for my MORE »

Misty Morning!

25th May 2017

Lake Hayes is in close proximity to Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand. It is a spectacular setting, with perfect reflections. I arrived at the lake early. It is a popular MORE »


23rd May 2017

Standing in Lake Wakatipu, in Glendhu Bay, during my photo shoot was inspirational. Glendhu Bay is in close proximity to Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand. The golden Poplar trees literally MORE »

Winter during Summer!

20th May 2017

It is not unusual for Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand, to experience snow falls during the summer months. This image was captured from Lake Wanaka, during the summer. The wind MORE »

Burning Bush!

18th May 2017

As I was nearing the end of my memorable journey, on my photo shoot of Mt Aspiring National Park, South Island, New Zealand, I discovered this brilliantly coloured bush. It MORE »

Seek and you will Find!

16th May 2017

The morning I captured this image at Glendhu Bay, South Island, New Zealand was warm and perfect. I extended my photo shoot due to the calm conditions. Arriving at sunrise, MORE »


13th May 2017

This image was captured from one of my favourite locations, Lake Wanaka, Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand. Landscape photography is always exciting and comes with a surprise package as one MORE »

Meeting Place!

11th May 2017

As I was discovering new angles and interesting perceptions of Mt Aspiring National Park, South Island, New Zealand, I stood in awe and wonder as I came across this inspirational MORE »

Truly Remarkable!

9th May 2017

How could one not be amazed at such inspirational beauty that commands your attention? The Remarkables, Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand, are truly remarkable! This mountain range is noted for MORE »


7th May 2017

As our departure from New Zealand is imminent, I am reminded of special people who have ‘coloured’ our lives, a beautiful shade, whilst in this country. Ps’ Tom and Jocelyn MORE »


6th May 2017

What a photo shoot, it was truly memorable. The landscape is breathtaking. This shot is taken from Roaring Meg, South Island, New Zealand, on the outskirts of Queenstown, looking towards MORE »

Warm and Welcoming!

6th May 2017

Lake Moke, South Island, New Zealand is located on the Queenstown-Glenorchy Road. That road is simply breathtaking at any time of the year. I left home early that morning for MORE »

Well worth the Journey!

4th May 2017

Arriving at my destination, Coronet Peak, South Island, New Zealand, at the break of dawn, in freezing conditions, I was left in awe and wonder of the landscape before me! MORE »

Out of the Blue!

4th May 2017

As I continued making my way along the Matukituki River, in the Mount Aspiring National Park, South Island, New Zealand, I discovered spectacular reflections as I walked along the pools MORE »

A Fond Farewell!

2nd May 2017

I am on the eve of my departure from Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand, heading to Brisbane, Australia. This image was captured using my professional camera, on my last photo MORE »


2nd May 2017

A friend of mine who was visiting Wanaka encouraged me to come down to Lake Wanaka as the light was perfect, illuminating the clouds and casting inspirational reflections. I arrived MORE »


29th April 2017

This is another image captured in my most recent photo shoot of Mt Aspiring National Park, South Island, New Zealand. I was intrigued with the formation of light and the MORE »

Come a little Closer!

27th April 2017

Jacks Point, Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand. What an invitation to come a little closer to nature! It was my first visit to Jacks Point. Gathering my photographic equipment, securing MORE »

Take a Moment!

25th April 2017

Mt Aspiring National Park, New Zealand. As a landscape photographer, the world is my office and my playground! Photography: I live it, I love it and grow from it! Life MORE »

Memorable moments!

22nd April 2017

Wilson Bay is on the peripheral of Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand. It is located on the Queenstown-Glenorchy Road. The mountains rise up to meet you as you stand on MORE »


20th April 2017

Whilst visiting Mt Aspiring National Park recently on a photo shoot I was in pursuit of discovering new things to shoot. Without intending to be misunderstood, the landscape and scenery MORE »

Pretty as a Picture!

18th April 2017

Fine Art Photography, is an art form It’s an expression of capturing nature that is organic, with colours, reflections and landscapes that resonate with the soul! As a landscape photographer, MORE »


15th April 2017

Mt Aspiring National Park is one of my favourite photo shoot locations. It is conveniently located to Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand. The road conditions are dependent on the weather. MORE »

Linga Longer!

13th April 2017

Glendhu Bay is in close proximity to Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand. It is renowned for its autumn colours and as you can see from the image, the combined hues MORE »

Welcome to my World!

11th April 2017

Coming soon: Hand picked images! A New Category: The Exclusive Collection, featuring image/s that are out of the ordinary! Available on my website soon! I have prepared blogs for April and MORE »


9th April 2017

As a landscape photographer I love the wide open spaces, including this beautiful spot which is so conveniently located. In almost a year of being in Wanaka, South Island, New MORE »

Expect the Unexpected!

6th April 2017

This image was taken from Bennett’s Bluff, on the Queenstown-Glenorchy Road, New Zealand. I always leave home very early, home being Wanaka The drive from Wanaka to Queenstown is quite MORE »


31st March 2017

A dramatic image captured whilst standing in Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, with The Remarkables mountain range as a backdrop. The Remarkables is renowned for skiing and even without snow, it is MORE »

Something Special!

29th March 2017

Isn’t it amazing when you least expect something to happen, and it does. It makes your heart leap, doesn’t it? I stopped at Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, to enjoy breakfast, MORE »


27th March 2017

The morning I stepped into Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand, was the most tempestuous I have ever experienced. Due to the high wind, I made my way cautiously to where MORE »


24th March 2017

The moment I saw the opportunity to capture this image, I recognised a heart shape in the formation of the clouds! Intense colours, woven wonderfully by my Creator! Adding to MORE »


22nd March 2017

On each occasion, as I arrive at my destination, an excitement arises within, as each sunrise is always a surprise. I usually reach my location just before daybreak as I MORE »


20th March 2017

Travelling along the road from Queenstown, New Zealand, to Glenorchy is always memorable. On each occasion I have travelled on that road, it has been an inspirational experience. The contrast MORE »


17th March 2017

The moment I stepped into the lake that morning I knew something special was about to evolve. Tempestuous conditions increased my excitement as the water thrashed against my legs whilst MORE »

Wind Beneath My Wings!

15th March 2017

The wind increased in speed and the landscape lent itself to a vertical shot. I stood in the lake, which was deep that day and ensured my tripod and camera MORE »

Daringly Dramatic!

13th March 2017

The wonderful thing about what I do, as a Landscape Photographer, is no sunrise or sunset is ever the same! Besides that, I enjoy travelling and meeting with other people MORE »

Mission Accomplished!

12th March 2017

As my time draws to a close as a Landscape Photographer in New Zealand, it is time to reflect on this past year. It has been one to remember for MORE »


10th March 2017

Lake Ohau, New Zealand, is about a two hour drive from Wanaka. It is always advantageous travelling early in the morning before the traffic increases. I packed up a breakfast MORE »


8th March 2017

Have you experienced a lingering longing to return to some place special? This is how I can explain this inspirational piece of paradise. I drove from Queenstown, New Zealand, to MORE »

Tears in a Bottle!

6th March 2017

I purposefully left the rain drops in the image. It was captured this morning. I stood my ground even though the wind was beating against me and my equipment. The MORE »


6th March 2017

The morning I captured this image, I knew it was going to be a spectacular sunrise. I drove from Wanaka to Queenstown. When I arrived at my destination, the Milky MORE »

That Wanaka Tree!

3rd March 2017

Before we moved to Wanaka, New Zealand, I did not know much about that Wanaka Tree. But it did not take too long to discover the fascination associated with it. MORE »

Bologna, Italy: Ghetto

27th February 2017

Bologna, a beautiful city, rich in history and inspirational architecture. I decided to wander along the streets less travelled and to capture the city of Bologna. But not as a MORE »

Cool and Calm!

24th February 2017

It was one of those beautiful, calm winter days in Wanaka, New Zealand. I had just captured my first photo shoot of that Wanaka Tree, a landscape photographers dream! I turned MORE »


22nd February 2017

It was a perfectly calm morning during this shoot as you can witness by the lights. The moon was setting whilst I was waiting for the sun to rise behind MORE »


20th February 2017

So much about life is spontaneous and about experiencing serendipitous moments, isn’t it? The morning I captured this image, my instincts encouraged me to take my camera. I was  travelling MORE »

Do you have what it takes?!

19th February 2017

Of course you do! What are you doing with what God has put in your hands? I spent too many years expecting God and other people to do what I MORE »

More than a Conqueror!

17th February 2017

As we are on the eve of our departure from Wanaka, New Zealand, I thought it appropriate to translate thoughts into words! On 1 June 2016, we left Australia for MORE »


17th February 2017

The morning I captured this image, I witnessed the moon setting whilst the sun was rising. As you can see, the hues were absolutely beautiful. The sunrise wasn’t as spectacular MORE »

Cool and Refreshing!

15th February 2017

Landscape photography appeals to me as it enables me to travel, to meet wonderful people and to appreciate the wonder of nature. I am passionate about being a landscape photographer. MORE »

Bring the Outdoors Indoors!

13th February 2017

‘Retreat’: My first New Zealand Limited Edition Facemount release is for sale! Image for Sale: ‘Retreat’. Beacon Point, Lake Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand Photographer: Clare Page Limited Edition Facemount: MORE »


13th February 2017

I walked to Flat Iron Building and prepared myself for my shoot early. There were road works in the vicinity which proved to be quite intimidating with the traffic at MORE »

Woman with a Voice!

11th February 2017

Every picture paints a thousand words! You have seen my images and what God has chosen for me: A landscape photographer capturing His creation through His lens. I am humbled MORE »


10th February 2017

I had recently arrived from Brisbane, Australia to settle in Wanaka, New Zealand, when I captured this image of Lake Wanaka. It was during the winter months when sunrise is MORE »


8th February 2017

Whilst I was standing on the edge of Lake Wakatipu, on the outskirts of Queenstown, New Zealand, I noticed this quaint little waterfall. It was very windy that I became MORE »

High and Above!

6th February 2017

Can you picture yourself here? The Crown Range lies to the east of the Wakatipu basin in Otago, New Zealand. Arrowtown, is a quaint town, which is steeped in history. MORE »

Immeasurable Pleasure!

6th February 2017

Lake Wanaka had the appearance of an ocean. It was rough and the waves buffeted me as I waded into it. During my shoot, I had the most fun and MORE »


3rd February 2017

Glenorchy, South Island, New Zealand is a beautiful town. Attracting tourists from around the world. It is approximately an hour’s drive from Queenstown. The hub of extreme sports in New MORE »

Bologna: Piazza Maggiore

1st February 2017

They say every picture paints a thousand words as well as being pretty as a picture! My time spent in Bologna, Italy was so memorable, I intend returning. Italians are MORE »

Believing is Seeing!

30th January 2017

It was a chilly morning, with the wind increasing in speed when I arrived for my photoshoot The sunrise was beautiful, with the mountains in the distance. Lake Wanaka in MORE »


29th January 2017

I love walking along the beach! How about you? The morning I captured this image I arrived just before the sun broke on the horizon. It is a scene that MORE »


27th January 2017

When I cracked the sheets to travel to this location, I could never have entertained the incredible time that was available to me. So much of our every day involves MORE »


25th January 2017

Everyday is a blessing. There is always light in the valleys of our lives. When we are experiencing testing times, it is always good and healthy to count our blessings. MORE »


23rd January 2017

What speaks to you the most? A quiet walk, reading a book, gardening, sport or being absorbed with a hobby? We can spend considerable time accelerated by the demands in MORE »


21st January 2017

As I walked into the lake wearing my waders, I noticed beautiful pebbles of various sizes and colours. Sometimes the things we are looking for could be right before our MORE »


20th January 2017

It’s so important to be connected to and tuned into our instincts, isn’t it? The morning I captured this image, when I saw the early morning sky from my window MORE »

Life is Running!

18th January 2017

As I was walking towards the lake, I could hear the wind whisking the water, it was pumping. I checked the cloud formations, usually a deciding factor regarding the sunrise/sunset. MORE »

Pretty in Pink!

16th January 2017

This morning I decided to visit one of my favourite locations. I haven’t been there for some time so it was good to return to it. The area is secluded MORE »

Moonlight Serenade!

14th January 2017

Isn’t amazing how we can be accustomed to doing the same things, the same way, without considering an alternative? I suppose you can call it routine! This morning I went MORE »

‘Contentment’ at Edgewater Resort Hotel, Wanaka, New Zealand

12th January 2017

It is an honour that my image, ‘Contentment’ is featured in the dining room at Edgewater Resort Hotel, Wanaka, New Zealand. Thank you, Mike Barton, General Manager, Edgewater Resort Hotel MORE »

Windswept and Wonderful!

10th January 2017

It is said, sometimes the best things in life are free. I agree! Besides, spontaneity is serendipity! I arrived in Queenstown and my instincts led me to a short gravel MORE »

Two as One!

9th January 2017

The saying goes, ‘Behind every successful man is a woman’. My husband, Keith, supports me in every facet of our married life, including photography. It would not be possible for MORE »

New York, New York!

8th January 2017

As I positioned my tripod on the concrete, I reflected on the indescribable beauty before me. The dawn was breaking behind me, as the night was surrendering to the day! MORE »

Welcoming Warmth!

7th January 2017

Isn’t it amazing how a touch of sunshine can make such a difference in an image?! I stood on an outcrop of slippery rocks with the wind beating against my MORE »

A Crisp Autumn Morning!!

7th January 2017

It was my first morning in New York, so I thought what better way than to start my photo shoot than at The Literary Walk, Central Park. When I arrived MORE »

Peace in the Midst of the Storm!

7th January 2017

I will praise God in the midst of my storm! It’s a choice I have made. Over an extended season of testing, I have made up my mind, to live MORE »

A Touch of Warmth!

6th January 2017

After an early morning start, a Subway ride, I love witnessing the light change and influence an image. Light is interesting, isn’t it? The effect it has on its surroundings MORE »

More than just a Picture!

6th January 2017

I am passionate about people, photography and travel, in equal measure. As a landscape photographer I’m aware of the discipline that is involved in what I’m called to be and MORE »

At the Crack of Dawn!

6th January 2017

It was an early morning shoot. I arrived in good time before dawn, after catching the Subway to Central Park. I love to capture the unusual, out of the ordinary MORE »

Golden days at the Beach!

6th January 2017

Don’t you love the beach?! Well sure, it’s not for everyone! I can remember the days from my youth, being in the water for a considerable time. With the North MORE »

Looking forward!

2nd January 2017

What are you looking forward to this year? The words we speak, we reap the harvest, whether constructive or destructive! It could be, what you have today, you have spoken MORE »


1st January 2017

As I was making my way to the Subway, the sunrise attracted my attention. The light was bursting from the clouds and reflecting beautifully across the water. Although I was MORE »


1st January 2017

It was a freezing cold morning, with a wind chill of -3 degrees Centigrade when I captured this image. I caught the Subway from Manhattan to  Clark Street, Brooklyn Heights. MORE »

Ring in the Changes!

31st December 2016

As the tide of 2016 makes an exit, the eve of 2017 is an opportunity to welcome in another New Year. What are you expecting?! ‘Letting go what lies behind MORE »


28th December 2016

Fog wove its wonder across the lake as the sun was making an appearance, breaking the darkness and shedding light upon the water. I spent my time rotating my camera MORE »

Saturated Sunrise!

27th December 2016

I ran into the lake as the intense sky soaked the water with its radiant colours. The wind whipped against my body, the lake representing an ocean. Immediately I secured MORE »

Encountering God!

27th December 2016

I instinctively knew that it was time for a photoshoot at the lake when I saw the fog that morning. It did not take me long to arrive at the MORE »

Rest Awhile!

26th December 2016

Isn’t amazing how soft fog can transform an image? I love the effect of fog as it weaves mystery and softness to an image, particularly if harsh light is evident. MORE »

Secret Retreat!

26th December 2016

In the quiet breath of the morning, particularly in Central Park, where you exit from the pulse of the city, and step into incredible beauty that can either stimulate the MORE »


26th December 2016

My first day in New York I covered a good distance walking the streets of New York, becoming acquainted with the city. I love the brown buildings and the intricacy MORE »


26th December 2016

I am always fascinated visiting different cities overseas. Culture intrigues me. It embraces food, language, behaviour, and accents. During long walks in New York, sometimes in freezing cold conditions, my MORE »

In the Quietness of the Moment!

26th December 2016

The morning was beautiful. I arrived at Central Park just before dawn to set myself up for my shoot. I had visited this location before, but I noticed a different MORE »

Linger Longer!

26th December 2016

This afternoon, was no different, I arrived early for my shoot. I was prepared for a photographic populated place. I was intentional regarding selecting the best spot. Unhurried, as I MORE »

London is Calling!

26th December 2016

My ancestral roots are deeply cultivated in British soil. It has been my dream, which I have spoken life into, for a considerable time to visit the UK. The moment MORE »

Marvellous Manhattan!

24th December 2016

What a wonderful way to pass the time, watching the world go by whilst capturing the beauty of Manhattan. Although the weather was icy, I enjoyed myself, witnessing the passersby MORE »

Beyond the Bridge!

24th December 2016

As you may have noticed, I was standing in the same place as I was when I pressed my camera button, taking this image as I did with ‘Captivating,’ at MORE »


24th December 2016

Fine Art Photography is considered a form of art, as its title suggests. It has always been my intention to capture well known landmarks uniquely. That afternoon, we caught the MORE »

Grand Central Terminal, New York!

24th December 2016

Once we left our sight seeing of Rockefeller Centre we walked to Grand Central Terminal. It is steeped in history and so wonderfully olde world! I was fortunate to capture MORE »

A Way to Go!

23rd December 2016

The flags add an interesting dynamic to the completion of my Rockefeller Centre Collection. Thank you for sharing my blogs with me! I hope you are enjoying them! Until next MORE »

Let Heaven Adore Him, Jesus Christ, the Lord!

23rd December 2016

I have decided to add a mini angel collection. If you are able to visit Rockefeller Centre, New York, during the Festive Season, it is well worth the journey. Our MORE »

Heavenly Hosts! Rockefeller Centre, New York!

23rd December 2016

I captured the angels towards the end of my ‘spontaneous’ shoot. Morning was definitely making an appearance but it was still dark enough to appreciate the beautiful angels. The angels MORE »

Ice, Ice, Baby!

23rd December 2016

It was fascinating watching the ice being prepared for the day. As we arrive early for photoshoots, Keith and I witness the activities involved in maintaining a clean city! Whether MORE »

A De-Light-Ful Tree, Rockefeller Centre, New York!

23rd December 2016

Arriving early was a bonus as it gave us an opportunity to witness the beauty of the Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations and to capture them before it became MORE »

Macy’s: 5th Avenue, New York!

23rd December 2016

Whilst we were out and about, at Rockefeller Centre, I noticed Christmas Carols being played from Macy’s on 5th Avenue. The image says it all. The lights framing the shop MORE »

Toy Soldier: Rockefeller Centre, New York!

23rd December 2016

The size of the toy soldier immediately attracted my attention. The colours were bright and his size, impressive. To be honest, I was like a child in a candy store MORE »

Illumination in New York!

23rd December 2016

Keith and I caught the Subway to Times Square, before dawn. Enjoying our time at Times Square, we proceeded to 5th Avenue, Rockefeller Centre. Although I had seen the Christmas MORE »

Serene Scene!

22nd December 2016

After a considerable time shooting, as I was making my way to the Subway, I noticed this quiet slice of paradise. Off the beaten track! My timing was perfect as MORE »

Rest and Relax!

22nd December 2016

What do trees signify to you? Whilst I was walking around Central Park, capturing images that impacted me, I noticed these lovely trees. This area is popular with people walking MORE »

Come for a Walk … The Literary Walk, Central Park

22nd December 2016

My first photoshoot in New York was at the Literary Walk, Central Park. Arriving, as I usually do, just at the breaking of the dawn, I noticed early morning walkers MORE »

Bologna: Come As You Are!

22nd December 2016

I spent considerable time walking amongst the extensive narrow roads with buildings and shops that were so colourful. The facades of the buildings are centuries old and vibrant. Can you MORE »

London is Calling!

22nd December 2016

It has been my dream to visit London as my ancestry its steeped in British culture. Although I spent a short time there, I maximised every moment. My top priority MORE »

Award of Excellence!

21st December 2016

On Saturday 26 November, 90 artists from 30 different countries gathered together for ‘Little Treasures’ 2016 at Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy. ‘Little Treasures’ comprises of each artist or photographer MORE »

Beautiful Bologna!

21st December 2016

Earlier this year I was invited to exhibit my work in Bologna, Italy. Our time spent in that city was very special. We travelled from New Zealand, to London and MORE »

Something Special!

20th November 2016

As I drove to my shoot destination, the morning was stunning with a star-studded sky. There was a distinct crack of light on the horizon as I approached my location. MORE »

Arise and Shine!

19th November 2016

  As I settled into the momentum of my photoshoot I knew there were going to be some special shots. The morning was clear, I arrived just as night was MORE »


16th November 2016

This tree was a ‘serendipitous’ moment. I was focussed on the light in the sky and the effect it had on the Grand Canyon when I noticed this skeletal tree. MORE »

Out of the Ordinary!

15th November 2016

When I arrived at the location of my photoshoot, the weather conditions were fairly bleak. The southerly breeze made it presence felt whilst the sky was overcast. From experience I MORE »

Scenic Splendour!

14th November 2016

It was a crisp morning, before first light, when I made my way to Desert View, Grand Canyon. As always, I do a ‘reconnaissance’ visit before a photo shoot. Where MORE »

Come Out Into The Deep!

10th November 2016

  When I turned around and saw how far out I had ventured into the lake, I realised the importance of going the extra distance to achieve a shot that MORE »

Occupying New Territory!

10th November 2016

  This image was captured at the infamous Mesa Arch, Canyonlands, USA. It is a photographers ‘playground!’ Occupying and possessing my territory that morning was necessary due to the outpouring MORE »

New York, New York … One Month Today!

3rd November 2016

    During January this year I received an email from Agora Gallery, Chelsea District, New York, inviting me to submit my work to them for future exhibition consideration. Within MORE »


20th October 2016

  Today I celebrate the release of my new website with a unique image, ‘Contentment’. ‘Contentment’ is a Limited Edition, (20 images to be released in total). It is a MORE »