As a Professional Landscape Photographer, Clare Page’s passionate purpose is to grow her business, through international influence and exposure and photography that leaves a lasting impression.

She also has a passion to inspire and educate individuals in Landscape Photography. Fulfilling their purpose.

Photography is not what Clare does but it is who she is, that accurately represents her true identity. Clare believes that photography is her passport to experience a life of fulfilment.

Clare Page Photography defines Clare’s passion for photography, travel and people in equal measure.

During her first year as a member of AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) Clare has accomplished considerable success.

She intends initiating new ways of capturing landscape images that will alter the course of her destiny as she progresses with her craft.

Poetry, music, art and photography influence Clare considerably. She is intrigued and attracted to the harmony shared between the various facets of art and music.

Travel is a motivational factor in discovering different parts of New Zealand, Australia and further abroad, which offers Clare an opportunity to capture images that are intentionally out of the ordinary. She has travelled to South West USA, South East Australia as well as capturing images locally, in Wanaka and Queenstown, New Zealand.

People are inspirational and Clare appreciates exchanging life stories with interesting individuals whilst exploring new destinations, which she finds exhilarating and informative.

It is Clare’s intention to consistently develop images that are framed by photographic excellence encouraging exposure to the nations, through books, galleries and tourism.

Clare combines her background as an award-winning Landscape Photographer with her husband, Keith.

She enjoys capturing photos of animals, appreciates walking in the country with Keith and enjoys reading good books.

Wanaka, New Zealand, is where Clare makes her home.


Awarded Silver for ‘Delicate’ in the 2015 AIPP and APPA Competitions.




Clare also participated in the Little Treasure 2016 Exhibition in Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy organised by Trevisan International Art. This exhibition was held in November/December 2016 and Clare received an Award of Excellence for her work.




Clare is represented by Agora Gallery, New York, USA where she exhibited  her work during December 2016. Below is an interview with Clare at the Gallery.



Photography defines my identity. It is who I am and what I am born to be and do.

It is my passionate purpose.

My work reflects my passion for nature, people and travel, in equal measure.

It is a slice and a reflection of my soul.

Being a photographer inspires me to pursue the pinnacle of photographic perfection.

And to effectively explore, experience and encounter new heights.

In addition, encouraging me to sharpen my photographic skills.